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About Adrian Stevens

ADST Limited was formed in August 2015 to provide external support to stakeholders in the healthcare IT space


Adrian Stevens is a Partner of the IT Health Partnership LLP

Adrian Stevens

Founder & CEO


Following a successful four years as Managing Director of iSOFT, then the UK's largest provider of healthcare IT solutions, Adrian established Aura Healthcare in 2012, working with a number of strategic customers across the UK, Ireland and international healthcare markets to offer direction and help accelerate healthcare IT agendas.


He formed Aura Healthcare Ltd in 2012 as a co-owner and acted as CEO up to the sale by acquisition of the Company to Servelec Group PLC in May 2015.


An experienced multinational manager, Adrian strongly believes in IT enabled change in healthcare, supported by intelligent software solutions, Œimplementation velocity, and a strong network of clinical engagement and sponsorship ­- an angle of particular interest given his background as a practising NHS radiographer.


Adrian joined iSOFT in June 2008 from his previous role as Managing Director for Agfa Healthcare¹s Northern European operations. He is a qualified clinical radiographer and has held a variety of NHS management positions prior to joining 3M in 1990.


During his career, he has held a variety of senior sales and marketing roles in the healthcare industry, as well as leading the UK healthcare operations for 3M, Imation, Ferrania and Agfa.


In 1997 he changed direction, becoming responsible for Kodak¹s consumer high street retail photographic division prior to joining Ferrania.


Adrian has specialist experience in the Middle East and African regions as well as Scandinavia and Nordic Countries but in particular has built up a specialist network and domain expertise in Europe and Africa and passionately supports IT enabled change in the region, supported by partners and customers in delivering transformational projects


Closer to home, Adrian¹s experience makes him ideally placed to understand the risks and opportunities currently faced in the healthcare sector. His strong industry experience allows us to guide and support executive leadership teams within healthcare to adapt and succeed within the current climate.


The recent changes in local strategic thinking, coupled with a move to decentralised decision making in some markets, has provided the opportunity for new companies to drive innovation and creativity back into the healthcare IT market.


ADST Limited will provide new strategic thinking and new innovation in all areas of its business which includes high level consultancy services, new products and solutions and value added reselling opportunities for key stakeholders working in the healthcare IT space.


I genuinely believe that we can bring a fresh approach to our clients and partners both at home and internationally.


He holds an MBA from Durham University.


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