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ADST Limited will provide new strategic thinking and new innovation in all areas of its business areas, which include high level consultancy services, investment and acquisition advice, evaluation of new products and solutions and value added reselling opportunities for key vendors working in the healthcare IT space.


Our focus is to provide consultancy services that add real value to meet the strategic objectives of our clients with a commitment and willingness to take responsibility and share ideas & philosophy together.


As a company we will always challenge our clients in an open, transparent and honest way to realise mutual benefits and share success across the business as one team.

Our Values at a Glance

  • Work together as one team to realise common goals
  • Always have the client at the centre of any engagement
  • Trust and honesty at all times
  • Enable the right decisions to be made through open and honest communication
  • Respect all individuals 
  • Simplify complexity across organisational processes
  • High values and ethics in business practices

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